Horse Racing

Racing horse has been a popular sport for many hundreds of years and people quite place bets of the outcome of horse racing. Gambling on horse racing is very popular all over the world. Horse racing is especially popular in the UK however and there are a number of racing fixtures arranged at race course all over the country every year, although the most famous is the Grand National and people who would not normally bet on horse racing are often tempted to place a bet on this special one off race.

Bets on horse racing are traditionally made in a betting shop or a book makers, where many sorts of gambling take place, although many people now choose to make their bets online as many book makers offer an online service for making bets and the collection of winnings. It is increasingly popular for horse racing enthusiasts to make their bets using these online services.

orse racing is not only a popular sport for spectators though, many people aspire to become horse racing jockeys and there are a handful of professional jockeys who are able to make a living from horse racing in the UK. Horse racing provides job opportunities to many people as it is a very high maintenance sport and numerous people will be employed by stables to look after horses, whilst racing courses must be maintained and the gambling industry which employees a great many people thrives of horse racing.